Vertical Apple Eating: Saving Yourself, and the World

Vertical Apple Eating: Saving Yourself, and the World

Most people eat apples without thought or consideration, but we may not be using the apple to its full potential. Instead of eating our apples horizontally, circling around the core, we should eat our apples vertically, from the top to bottom. With an understanding of how one can eat apples vertically, the question is, why does vertical apple eating do so much for us?

To properly eat an apple vertically, one should first remove the stem of the apple by twisting it. Then, one should take a bite near the top or bottom of the apple, and move to the other side, eating through the core. Vertical Apple Eating. Vertical Apple Eating increases nutrition, consumption of positive bacteria, and overall personal health. According to Frontiers in Microbiology, a study group specifically dedicated to the study of microbiotics and how they can aid us, 90% of key bacteria that help with digestion, fighting diseases, and acquiring more nutrition is located not in the outer flesh of the apple, but the core. The unfortunate truth is that the current method we have of using the apple causes us to fundamentally avoid the healthiest part of the apple, eating around it with the Horizontal Apple Eating Method.

Some might argue that even though Vertical Apple Eating consumes the core, by eating it from top to bottom, the personal health benefits are still outweighed by the bad taste often associated with apple cores. However, according to an article published in the Atlantic by James Hamblin, a Yale physician, and lecturer, around the core “is a thin fibrous band, smaller in diameter than a pencil, and not bad to the taste. If you eat your apple vertically it is not noticeable.” The truth is that if one eats the apple vertically, distributing the minute taste of the core onto the rest of the delicious apple and thus neutralizing the unpleasant taste, there is no noticeable difference between the flesh and core of the apple, meaning that if eaten correctly, apple cores can be nine times as nutritious, while also tasting good.

Another common argument by detractors to the Vertical Apple Eating, is that apple seeds contain cyanide, and consuming the seeds with the core is dangerous. The truth however, is that this threat is nearly entirely fictitious. To suffer adverse effects due to cyanide poisoning, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, a person would have to consume a minimum of 18 apples, while individually chewing each seed. Considering the fact that a human’s stomach can generally hold at most about nine apples according to statistics from Healthline and, a person’s stomach would quite literally burst well before cyanide from apple seeds produced any adverse effects. Cyanide is simply not a threat for Vertical Apple Eaters.

Independent of individual health benefits, Vertical Apple Eating can help our nation and planet in a multitude of ways. Eating the apple cores through Vertical Apple Eating is a key method for food conservation. Hamblin states that by throwing away our apple cores, we waste over 13 billion dollars worth of food annually, enough food to feed the entire world and stop world hunger, according to statistics from the U.N. food program, would need $40 billion and enough money to recover from a devastating hurricane, paying for valuable humanitarian relief that could save and improve lives across the globe.

In the end, Vertical Apple Eating isn’t just some new method of apple consumption, or even a global health wellness movement, it’s a way that as a collective we can band together and change one of our most simple habits, to make our world simply better in a few wonderful ways – one apple at a time.