Hot Take: What Are Your Thoughts on the Standoff over the Debt Ceiling?


William Karr wrote: 

It is quite fascinating that when the U.S. Congress is unable to act on pressing matters due to polarization, between the two parties and within each party, the responsibility falls onto the executive branch when the “power of the purse” rests in the legislative branch. The Treasury Department is taking “extortionary measures” so the United States does not default on its debt. That will only work for a couple of months.

Avi Shah wrote: 

I think that Republicans and Democrats need to find a way to cooperate over the debt ceiling. If they can’t come to an agreement over the debt, the US might default on its loans, which would cause catastrophic impacts worldwide. The US dollar would go down a lot in value, which is an outcome everyone should wish to avoid.

Reagan Subeck wrote: 

I think this is a great example of the government polarization being a horrible problem. The fact that we cannot agree to avoid making actions more expensive is a crazy idea that could only have happened if the US is polarized. Raising the debt ceiling is good for everyone so its terrible that we can’t agree.