Hot Take: What are the implications of the Russia strike on the U.S. drone?


Sam Gordon wrote:

This move seems unsurprising considering the escalation in Russian rhetoric surrounding US involvement in the war in Ukraine and increasingly close ties with China. However, I don’t think Putin is going to physically escalate the war considering how quickly Russian government officials exclaimed their desire to avoid direct conflict with the US.

Isa Harrison wrote: 

The root problem with the strike on the U.S. drone was the fact that the U.S. just let it happen. The U.S. should implement AI drone swarms to use evasive maneuvers when confronted with a threat. This way Russia wouldn’t be able to shoot down our drones.

Nathan Heftman wrote:

Considering the larger violations that have occurred, such as the missile impacts in Poland, rampant cyberwar and spoofing, and pulling out of the New Start treaty for nuclear disarmament, I genuinely don’t think this would be the scenario that could lead to any increased level of escalation.

Teddy Jack wrote:

Only regime changes will stop Russia’s revisionist and escalatory behavior. #IRA

Reagan Subeck:

The implications are the questions of why was the US there and how much control should the US have over airspace. People in the US are only learning the side of the military industrial complex supported by the DoD but we have to question why the US can shoot down Chinese balloons not in its own airspace but it can’t have military devices be shot down.