Hot Take: What Are Your Thoughts on the Tennessee Three?

Isaac Canel wrote: 

It’s pretty interesting that the majority can choose to remove whoever they’d like.

Isa Harrison wrote: 

The desperation that Tennessee Democrats find themselves in due to this massive Republican supermajority shows how gun control policies need to come from the federal government. The Tennessee Three are doing their absolute best to fight for gun control policies, even to the point of risking their jobs, and yet the environment in Tennessee makes it too politically unfeasible. Joe Biden needs to man up, abolish the second amendment, and regulate guns.

William Karr wrote: 

Days after Justin Jones was expelled from the Tennessee House of Representatives, he was appointed back to his seat by the Nashville city council. I want to know whether that should be an option for the U.S. House of Representatives, and, if so, how that could be implemented.

Wylan Sokolov wrote: 

It feels so like polarized because back when Parkland happened, even red states passed anti-gun legislation, but now Republicans are digging in their heels and pushing for more gun rights following a huge school shooting.

Reagan Subeck wrote: 

The obviously racist votes are horrible! Independent of where you stand on the protest, you can see that the fact that the 2 black people are kicked out but the white person isn’t is a little insane. I’m glad that one of them was reinstated and hope the other one is.