Hot Take: Is Joe Biden the Democrat Party’s best chance of winning the White House in 2024?


Mila Armstrong wrote: 


Sam Gordon wrote: 

No, I don’t think so. His age is only going to hurt him going into this election as it becomes very obvious fodder for Republican attacks. Additionally, the majority of Americans do not want him to run for office again. It would be more beneficial for the Dems to invest in and set up a younger member of the party as a longer-term leader. I think some good options would be Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, or John Hickenlooper (although he’s not super young).

Nathan Heftman wrote: 

Joe Biden is the best Democrat candidate for the 2024 election. This is due to negative partisanship, the process by which voters vote against the candidate they dislike the most, rather than the one they prefer. Biden, a candidate who may have flaws but has been proven to be at a minimum more palatable to independent voters than Trump, the Republican’s leading candidate, is less likely to be a victim of negative partisanship.


Teddy Jack wrote: 

Yes, but Gavin Newson or Gretchen Whitmer should be the VP.

Avi Shah wrote:

Joe Biden is not the best chance for the Democrats to retain the White House. So many people think that he’s too old, even the people who voted for him last time. Going with a younger, more vibrant candidate, like Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, or Gretchen Whitmer. However, all of these candidates have some of their own issues, which makes the chance that the Democrats retain the White House increasingly small.

Wylan Sokolov wrote: 

Yes but 🙁

Reagan Subeck wrote: 

The Democrats can either win with any candidate or can’t win at all. The only chance they have after the past 4 years of political missteps is if the GOP is too split over DeSantis and Trump. Simply speaking, the GOP not being able to find a middle ground between its two leaders means that any Democrats could get the most but if they can get a combined support then they will beat the Dems.

Alex Two wrote: 

Perhaps I’m biased by the fact I don’t particularly want to vote for Biden, but I think the right has too much material against him. They have the same complaints and a history in office to point at. A fresh face might work in the Democrats’ favor, as long as Biden’s willing to step down and make it as easy as possible for another candidate.