The Roundup with Reagan Subeck: Volume 1, Issue 9


Student protestors line up on Supreme Court steps as Biden’s Student Loan relief begins the trial 

Biden’s new Student Loan Forgiveness Plan has started to have court hearings this week with the oral arguments starting on February 28th. This program can remove up to $20,000 of debt from 35 million Americans, a huge change to the country. However, it was challenged in the fall and hasn’t been accepting applications since November. In order to determine the validity of the program, there are two cases beginning today. The first case demands Congressional authorization for any cancelation of debt, the second demands a formal comment for the public. This case may save many lives, allowing former students to purchase vehicles and houses, purchase groceries or even escape poverty. Such a momentous case has drawn protestors to the Supreme Court steps, demanding the protection of relief. This was largely students as they depend on the relief to pay the bills and support their families.


Free Trade is protected between the Irelands with the new Post-Brexit deal

This week, the EU and Great Britain came to an agreement on trade after Brexit caused confusion with international laws in Northern Ireland. Specifically, the agreement describes the legal protection and support for free trade, guaranteeing that all items in Great Britain will also be allowed in its not-so-far-away territory. This new agreement also determined that the UK will be in charge of VAT (or value-added tax) rates in Northern Ireland, contrasting to the prior control by the EU. This guarantee will not just change the economic system of the counties, it will create a level of clarity potentially allowing for the restoration of the Northern Irish government. There is more to come as time passes but keep watching Belfast to see if changes are made.


A major hacking of the USMS compromises law enforcement information

On Monday, information about the February 17th hacking, a major breach of the US Marshals Service’s law enforcement information was released.  The information reached may pertain to national security, foreign relations, public safety, civil liberties, and more. Due to the large swath of information, this was deemed a “major incident” by the Justice Department which has now initiated a forensic investigation. We know that the information does not pertain to the witness protection program, meaning many hidden people are safe, but we don’t know exactly what was seen. As more information is released, be sure to watch the story.


30 million Americans lose access to food as food stamps are reduced 

As the pandemic closures have ended, the food stamps that came with it are disappearing. Already, 18 states have gotten rid of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) but the other 32 will be required to remove it on March 1st. This removal will cause a loss of $95 a month per household on average with hundreds of dollars in some families. The SNAP benefits have been a lifeline for many Americans, holding 4.2 million out of poverty, not helped by the rise in food prices in the past year. As the prices for food continue to rise and wages don’t keep up, this will likely drop millions into poverty and create a huge jump in food bank visits.


Heinz finds the man who survived on ketchup for 24 days, gets him a new boat

Elvis Francois, a man who spent 24 days adrift surviving only upon ketchup, Maggi cubes, and garlic powder, was rescued by the Colombian Navy in January 2023. As Heinz ketchup company found out about the many, they began a hunt to track him down. Specifically, on February 14th, it began #findtheketchupboatguy. On February 27th, Heinz found Francois in Dominica. After the discovery, they have vowed to purchase him “a new boat equipped with full navigational technology” in order to prevent further disaster.