The Roundup with Isa Harrison: Volume 1, Issue 14


Joe Biden announces 2024 presidential bid 

Unsurprisingly Joe Biden is running for reelection in 2024. He announced it this week saying, “This is not a time to be complacent… that’s why I’m running for reelection.” This BBC article asks some random Democratic voters in the United States their opinion on Biden. Most had some concern about Biden’s age, but they also agreed that, in an election against Trump, Biden would probably win. Interestingly, two voters shared concerns about Biden dying in office and being replaced with Kamala Harris, who, according to them, would make a bad president. I enjoyed this article because I think it portrayed an accurate sample of reactions to Biden. Voter Jack Pribble expresses support for Biden, but he does “wish there was someone new.” I think this is a very relatable sentiment. Only one voter could be considered “excited” for Biden, and she would still be more excited for different Democratic candidates. I think the Democratic party needs younger voices in the running to get voters excited about political possibilities.


Fox News fires Tucker Carlson 

This week Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News. Although not confirmed by Fox News, there is speculation as to if the firing had to do with a lawsuit accusing Carlson and Fox of sexism and harassment. Carlson was negotiating his next contract with Fox when he was abruptly fired. Carlson has not commented on the situation, leaving many confused about why he was fired. The firing must have been abrupt because Carlson signed off on Friday promising to be back on Monday. Other causes might have to do with the leaked messages from Carlson from the Dominion voting machines lawsuit. 


North Dakota bans nearly all abortions 

Republican Gov. Doug Burgum signed a bill banning all abortions except in the case of rape, incest, or medical emergency in a very short window of six weeks. North Dakota no longer has any abortion clinics. Last summer, the state’s only facility moved to Minnesota. The lack of nearby abortion clinics and such a short window for a legal abortion might make it extremely hard to get an abortion even if you qualify for an exception. Republican state Sen. Janne Myrdal, who sponsored the legislation, argues that most people in North Dakota agree with this ban and that it’s good that the government represents this majority. I find this interesting because allowing women to choose seems like the best way to represent all women because if you oppose abortion you wouldn’t have to get one. Pro-choice policies are all about allowing women to choose what they want, and thus representing what they want to do with their bodies. These bans are very concerning to me, and I think that the federal government needs to make a law to assure women reasonable access to abortion in all 50 states. 


Taylor Swift hurts her hand 

Last Friday Taylor Swift’s hand was bleeding while on stage in Houston, Texas. Taylor, being the shining star she is, said the show must go on! She exhibited pure professionalism and a love for the fans by completing the set with a smile on her face. Taylor explained that she tripped while running into a quick change. She assured her fans that she was “totally fine and it was my fault completely.” The way that she takes full responsibility for her injury shows how she is always looking out for people who might blame her staff for her mistake. When Taylor preempts opportunities for compassion in moments like these, fans are reminded why they fell in love with her music in the first place. We love you Taylor and hope it doesn’t get infected!