The Roundup with Reagan Subeck: Volume 1, Issue 13


Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas has been accepting gifts from a Republican donor without disclosure, which likely hints at some level of corruption. Because there is a split Congress, there will probably be no retribution. He has also (accidentally) disclosed that this was not the first time he lied. Specifically, he has accepted yacht trips and real estate as well as not reporting over $600,000 from the Heritage Foundation as well as teaching reimbursement. Overall, he has accepted over $35000 more than the next most gifted justice.


Sudan Coup

There was an “attempted coup” in Sudan leading to 180 deaths and at least 1800 injuries as well as attacks on hospitals. Specifically, it was a paramilitary group called the Rapid Support Forces, or RSF, that led the fight. This began on Saturday but, on Monday, there was a huge bombardment of warplanes and artillery in Khartoum, attacking the army Command building and the Presidential Palace. Both sides were attacking hospitals to prevent the success of their opponents. Despite a ceasefire being agreed upon, shots were still being fired by the RSF and the Sudanese government. The RSF has taken control of the major airport so evacuation attempts are struggling.


Fox News vs Dominion

Fox News vs Dominion was settled on the afternoon of Tues. Apr. 18 for $787.5 million. This is due to Fox’s admitting to lies in private conversations. This was specifically about the public claims of election fraud through the harm of Dominion technology, leading to the defamation suit. There is still another lawsuit going on, run by Smartmatic, for $2.7 billion. Overall, it’s crazy that a media source would report on incorrect information knowing it’s wrong when it has such a huge following, keep watching while updates still run.