The Roundup with Skye Warner: Volume 1, Issue 16


Debt limit increase

Democrats have been planning a forced debt increase for months, and on Tuesday it sprang into action. This was completely out of the blue, as there was no foretelling on Tuesday of this happening, but then the Democrats surprised the Republicans, giving them an advantage while Republicans scrambled to unify. First, using a discharge petition, which would bypass Republicans until their goal was achieved. Then, they used an emergency rule which would force a bill to be either passed or rejected if most people sign a petition. Democrats know that this is somewhat of a hail mary- they’d have to have 5 Republicans defect to their side and all Democrats sign. However, it would make a deal that Democrats could work with.


Trump v Carroll

On Wednesday, Trump was convicted of sexual abuse of E. Jean Carroll and forced to pay her $5 million. Trump never showed up to the trial nor to testify, but he shared his thoughts on Truth Social after the conviction: “I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS WOMAN, WHO MADE A FALSE AND TOTALLY FABRICATED ACCUSATION, IS. HOPEFULLY JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED ON APPEAL!” The jury didn’t see enough evidence to prove Carroll’s statement that he had raped her, but they did see proof for the other charge. Trump’s lawyers have promised to appeal, and the GOP is largely silent, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, both of whom are likely 2024 presidential contenders. 


Title 42 lift

Biden removed a rule put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic that stopped migrants from coming to the US. Title 42, which causes this, expires on Thursday, and people are already starting to come in, anticipating this. Some states are declaring an emergency, as the numbers of refugees grow and officials are struggling to keep up. But, the White House is stepping in to build facilities for housing, enlist soldiers to help, and shorten time for keeping people in custody. This is a long upward hill, but the Biden administration feels confident that it can handle it.