The Roundup with Sam Gordon: Volume 1, Issue 12


Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Is a 3-Hour Career-Spanning Victory Lap

Last Friday, Taylor Swift began her long-awaited Era’s Tour in Glendale, Arizona. Performing numerous songs from across her catalog, the concert lasted an amazing three hours. Some fan highlights included a recreation of the folklore house from the 2021 Grammys, Taylor “swimming” below the stage to transition into her Midnights era, and a performance of the entire ten-minute “All Too Well.” I’m personally most excited to see which surprise songs she plays acoustically throughout the tour – manifesting “Out of the Woods” for my concert in June. 🙏


Xi and Putin Rekindle ‘Strategic Bromance’ in Russia

This Monday, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow to engage in diplomatic discussions with Russian President Vladamir Putin. The meeting comes a few days after the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Putin, citing his administration’s forced deportation of Ukrainian children during the war. Xi’s visit seems designed to signal that Putin is refusing to be isolated or bend to the will of the American-led order. Over the course of a few days, the leaders are predicted to discuss a “peace” plan for the war in Ukraine, economic cooperation, and military engagement. Some American leaders are worried that China will soon decide to militarily support Russia, but nothing has been announced yet. 


France pension reform: Macron’s government survives no-confidence vote

Recently, France has been roiled with protests following French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to force through his reformed pension plan. The bill raises the minimum retirement age by two years to sixty-four and mandates more individual contributions to the national pension fund. Opposed by both the far-left and far-right parties in France, the move prompted two votes of no-confidence in the French legislature in an attempt to remove Macron’s government. Although Macron’s government survived, he will still have to face continued mass public discontent and pressure from opposition party leaders. 


What Trump’s ‘arrest’ claim says about his hold on politics and the 2024 election

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump posted on social media that he is going to be arrested on Tuesday and that his followers should take to the streets in protest. His sources remain ambiguous, but his followers have still sprung into action, forcing the NYPD to put up barricades in anticipation. The move forced prominent GOP officials to signal their support for Trump and remark on how this move signifies the end of American democracy. Some conspiracy theorists have forwarded the notion that current presidential candidate (ish) Ron DeSantis is behind the arrest, but these claims seem almost entirely unsupported by evidence. No matter what happens today, it seems clear that the Trump campaign is not above provoking friends and enemies to keep him relevant for the 2024 election. 


Florida GOP Bill Would Ban Young Students From Talking About Their Periods in School

In another move to transform Florida into a fascist wasteland, state GOP officials recently introduced a measure to severely limit sexual and reproductive education in Florida schools. The bill would ban teachers from discussing sexual or reproductive health with students under sixth grade, including conversations about menstrual cycles. Additionally, the bill would authorize parents to object to any course material they deem inappropriate. Although disheartening and terrifying, this latest piece of legislation falls in line with the Florida legislature’s determination to crack down on health education and equity.